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The Home Brewery's Cider Kit

The Home Brewery's Cider Kit

Make your own cider at home! Contains the  equipment needed to brew up to 12L cider. Just add The Home Brewery's Craft Cider Recipe Kit 3L, 6L, 9L or 12L and you are good to go.- Fermenter 12L (15L max) with lid (without tap)- Airlock for fermenter- Fermenter/lagering vessel 12L (15L max) with lid and tap- Bottle filler with 1m hose for tap- Automatic pump siphon with holder and clamp- Capper- Sanipro Rinse Sanitizer 250mlThe Ciderkit can also be used wit your own pressed must, just add cider yeast, caps and bottles.Please note: The cider kit does not contain must, cider yeast or caps. You also need bottles (9pc 33cl per 3L cider) and sugar for the carbonation (or carbonation drops). Bottle in picture is not included.

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