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SmartStill 4L (EU) Water Purifier

SmartStill 4L (EU) Water Purifier

SmartStill 4 Litre Water Distiller is an Air Cooled Counter Top Pot Still (EU-version). Neat and compact with only a 9inch/23cm footprint. Air cooled so no need for plumbing which means it can be stood practically anywhere and put away when not in use. For distilling: - Water - Essential Oils - Alcohol* in countries where it is legal to do so.It comes complete with: 1x 4 Litre SmartJug 1x Activated carbon holder (nozzle) 2x SmartCarbon High Absorption Carbon Sachets 1x SmartClean Cleaner sachet 1x SmartRings (Raschig Rings) Full instruction Plug suitable for the Country version you have selected A fantastic home Still for distilling water, essential oils and alcohol*. It can make absolutely pure, pH Neutral water.*Please note it is illegal to distil alcohol in Sweden and UK and some other countries without the necessary licences. See note below. In countries where it is legal to do so, it can be used to make Vodka safely and easily. Drink it straight or add Essences to create your own spirits and liqueurs. See our Shop, Essences sold separately. Box contains: 1x SmartStill distillation unit 1x 4 Litre SmartJug 2x SmartCarbon - Tea-Bag Activated Carbon Sachets 1x SmartClean - Residue Cleaner Sachet 1x Clip-on Activated Carbon Filter Nozzle 1x SmartRings (Raschig Ring 1x UK power lead 1x Matching 4L Smart Jug is now included. When buying this item Internationally, it is your responsibility to ensure you are allowed to import this Water Distilling Machine.

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